What Is Medicare Open Enrollment?

Figuring out how to navigate through Medicare is a bit of a challenge for even the most financially savvy individuals. If you’ve never dealt with Medicare before, there are a lot of different sections and different terminology that you have to get familiar with. One of the terms that often confuses people is “open enrollment.” […]

Buying A Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans are a form of health insurance that can be purchased by people who are age 65 or older who belong to both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Private insurance companies market the coverage, and Medicare heavily subsidizes the premiums. That is a great advantage to the purchaser of the policy […]

Senior Life Insurance

When a loved one dies, grieving family members are often tasked with making important end of life decisions. From burial arrangements to resolving unpaid debt, many families face financial difficulties during an already stressful time. Securing quality, reliable senior life insurance is an easy and effective way to protect loved ones after you pass with […]