Buying Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance is a specially packaged life insurance policy mainly for adults age 65 and over. It is designed to be sold to people who probably have not taken care of this previously, and have now decided that it needs to be addressed. Many people will put off the purchase of life insurance just because […]

What Are My Life Insurance Options With a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

Finding life insurance for the medical patient is not as frustrating as many individuals may think. Some insurance companies may deny a policy immediately under the right circumstances, but most companies choose to insure the client with preexisting conditions for a lower amount. Being patient is a virtue when shopping for life insurance. There are […]

Life Insurance Basics

Many people who think about buying life insurance for the first time wonder if buying a policy is worthwhile. They have enough bills to pay already. Why add anything else, especially if it is for something they may never use? It is tempting to skip paying for a life insurance policy altogether. Without a life […]

Things You Should Know About Medicare Plan F

Healthcare is an important part of life, and we all want the best out of both. This is because they are often inversely related. The fact is, the better healthcare, the better quality of life we have, and the more we will get out of it. Even for those that have private health insurance, you […]

Saving Money On Life Insurance

Purchasing a life insurance policy is a wise decision for most people. The death of a loved one can impose severe financial burdens on the surviving family members. The deceased’s funeral expenses are just one of the financial concerns following a death. The loss of the decedent’s income severely affects the lifestyle of the surviving […]